Scented Pouch

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Portable and practical, our odor neutralizing scented pouches provide clean, fresh air anywhere you need it. Choose from one of our 6 exclusive scents. 

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Our small pouches fit perfectly into your bag, purse, drawer, locker, shoes and any other small space you can imagine.

active lifestyle

Our scented pouches are great for people with an active lifestyle. They eliminate odors in gym bags and lockers without the use of strong fragrances.


Place your scented pouch near your pillow for a peaceful night’s sleep. As you close your eyes fall asleep with a hint of your favorite Alio scent.


For relaxation, grip our pouches like a stress relief ball and enjoy your favorite, mild scent for a calming effect.

"The scented pouches are a no brainer. They go right into my gym bag and keep my sneakers and gym clothes smelling fresh!"