Gift Card

Gift Card

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Give someone a modern odor neutralizing and scent solution that lets them come up for air. With our alio gift card, your friends and family can choose from a number of our most exciting scents.  

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odor neutralization

Reeds can be removed and placed in any area in need of odor neutralization and a little fragrance.


The number of reeds can be increased or decreased to match your desired scent intensity.

air flow

Each vase is crafted to promote airflow and regenerate each individual scent. Flip the reeds every so often to refresh the air around you.

accent piece

Our signature vase, made from a renewable resource, is designed to add a decorative accent to your home, office, exercise room, or any space you can imagine. Included is a felt pad to be affixed to the vase when used on fine wood finishes.

"My reed diffuser lives in my office where the cedar and teak fragrance helps me stay focused and calm, even during my most challenging days."