Breaking the mold of traditional, overbearing scents, Alio is a subtle and effective odor neutralizing technology dedicated to refreshing your home, your car, and your life without the use of oils, sprays, plug-ins, or flames.

Alio products are best used to control odors and add a light fragrance to smaller areas. We are not a potent, fragrance cover-up but rather a gentle aroma combined with an odor neutralizer.

Our technology works by infusing a cellulose-based resin with a fragrance and an odor neutralizer. The natural breathability of cellulose allows both to slowly and gradually release from our products for a longer period of time, as opposed to the immediate release of fragrance from petroleum-based plastics.

Alio products are intended for smaller areas where you are looking for a light fragrance with odor control. Here are some places that are great for Alio products: powder room, desk, nightstand, gym bag, office sign-in area, pet space, car, home gym, locker, closet, shoes, musty areas, or any other small space you can come up with.

Alio products are proudly made in the USA.

Alio products are made from a sustainable cellulose-based polymer. The cellulose comes from harvested trees that are replanted and which take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen. 

Every vase comes with 15 reeds. Reeds are available for purchase in 20 different scents.   

The useful life of Alio reeds will depend on your personal preference for how strong you want the Alio fragrance to be, and on the size and air flow in the area you are using them.  In general, we recommend most customers to change their reeds every 30 days to maximize the performance of their Alio products.

Alio Kits contain two vases, two sets of reeds, two bean bags, and four car fresheners all with the same fragrance. A barrier bag is included to store your car fresheners for use at a later time. 

Because Alio products don’t use oil, spray, plug-in, or flame, they are safe to use in pet areas and in children’s rooms when used as directed. Alio products should be kept out of reach of children and pets because they contain fragrance.

We have affixed a felt pad to the bottom of the vase to protect certain types of wood and table finishes. This will prevent your surfaces from being blushed by the vase. 

The final product is not poisonous, but obviously Alio products should not be ingested.

Yes, refill reeds are available for purchase in all 20 scents.

Alio products contain an odor neutralizer which combines with unpleasant odor compounds to remove them from the air.

Alio products have a fixed fragrance level, however the amount of fragrance you smell can be adjusted by changing the amount of Alio product used. For example, if you desire a stronger fragrance than the 12 reeds provided, adding 5 reeds would increase the fragrance. Our car fresheners also have a spin and stationary setting. The spin setting combined with air flow increases the amount of fragrance emitted. 

The odor neutralizer in Alio is expected to last up to 30 days. This can vary depending on use. For instance, smaller enclosed settings such as a gym bag, will make the odor neutralizer last longer.    

As with almost any fragrance, warmer temperatures will make the fragrance diffuse more.  Likewise colder temperatures will reduce the amount of fragrance released from the product until warmer air is introduced.

Alio has a subtle fragrance, not an overpowering smell. If you are not smelling a product you have had for a while, its scent may have dissipated and it is time to order a refill or replacement. Surrounding temperature also affects the intensity of the scent emitted from the product. 

We offer a variety of scents for background fragrance. Some fragrances may be more popular with men and some with women. It all depends on your individual taste. Some popular men's fragrances include Blue Onyx, Cedar & Teak, Black Slate.

Alio is designed to provide a hint of a fragrance and odor neutralization in smaller areas such as powder rooms or sitting areas around a side or coffee table. If you would like the Alio experience in larger rooms, it would be best to use multiple vases to create your own islands of fragrance throughout the space.

Some Alio fragrances will transfer their scent to your hands while you handle the products, some not so much. In any case, washing your hands with soap and water will remove the aroma.

For any fragrance product, higher temperatures or higher air flow around the product will decrease the life of the product. Conversely cooler temperature and a still room will make fragrance last longer.  Flipping your Alio reeds in your vase will help refresh the air around you.

Yes, refill reeds are available for purchase in all 20 scents.
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